We are here to assist with all your billing needs

Let us help fill in the gaps


We are here to assist with all your billing needs

Let us help fill in the gaps


Operating a medical practice in our current, rapidly changing world can be challenging. One of the most important keys to a successful medical facility is quality, personalized patient care. Our main objective is to help the provider have a successful practice by removing the hassles of billing and excess paperwork, so the office staff can concentrate on that quality personal patient care. This is where K&G Medical Billing Solutions comes in. Our medical billing management can provide for your office, all your billing needs. Most facilities cannot keep up with the technical changes in software to prepare their claims and then find themselves awash with denied and down-coded claims that drive their costs up and their revenues down. Every year, insurance payers make changes in requirements for the submission of claims, Medicare alone has more than 1,200 rules about how claims for procedures must be submitted, providers find themselves overwhelmed. Given the opportunity we can increase your collections by up to 35%. By “Scrubbing” and fixing the claims prior to being submitted to the insurance. We will also track claims to ensure the quickest processing AND no “lost claims". Plus, along with our expertise with Payers and denials you will be well on your way to increased collections. Click Here for a sample list of Payers that we bill.

In addition, we can provide a large array of reporting that can be used as a tool to help in analyzing your facility to keep you moving in the right direction. This could include monthly financial summaries, Aging Reports, payer impact reports Although we do have several standardized reports, we are capable of customizing reports to your specific needs for your facility.

Although, we have a very high Midwest presence we have and continue to serve providers in every corner of the Continental U.S.

Provider types we serve:

  • Durable Medical Equipment Providers
  • Home Health AND Hospice providers
  • Home Medical Equipment
  • Long Term and Acute Care providers
  • Primary Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Personal Care Services

Supporting Medical Offices for More Than 13 Years

Billing collection can be tedious and take away time from serving your patients. K&G Medical Billing Solutions is here to take the headache out of collecting payments from insurance companies.

By letting us handle your billing administration, you can focus on providing the best possible care for your patients.


Gap Identification

Our professionals can help identify gaps in potential patients that fall outside your contract. We facilitate creating contracts with insurance companies to help hospitals, multipurpose providers, and health care organizations join a network. This will increase your revenues.

Revenue Management

We identify opportunities to improve your revenue management. This optimizes your cash flow and reduces write-offs. We also provide care requirements for the following facilities:

  • Home Health Care
  • Home Infusion
  • Hospice
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Specialty Pharmacy

Additionally, we can analyze your accounts receivable (AR) and assess the collectability of your outstanding balance and collection effort.

consulting office


We offer end-to-end consulting services to our clients. Our team can help you determine which of our services will offer the most benefits. We’ll then focus our work on the most auspicious opportunities.

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