K&G Medical Billing solutions was born from a dream while Veronica was employed for Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. After being promoted as the Midwest Billing and Revenue Analyst for LabCorp and transferring to Houston, Texas, she saw providers struggling to keep up with the aspects of their billing staff as well as regulatory billing changes within Medicare & Medicaid which was costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. After assisting over twenty providers in some cleanup projects that netted some big dollars and coaching them in ways to change their billing process. Veronica in her words “deciding to bet on herself” and K&G was born. That was 2008 and with over 25 years of experience, continuous growth and learning Veronica says “K&G is just getting started”.

“I learn something new every single day. When I stop learning and finding ways to improve not only my process but those of my providers. I will throw the towel in, until that time I am here to stay.”

Veronica SCOTT Guess